Info: How to get to the venue

Public Transport

The City of Vienna is proud of its well-developed and dense public transport network. (See this subway map. Note that line U1 currently is not operating between Schwedenplatz and Reumannplatz due to construction works, as indicated in the map).

Options for tickets:

  • Single trip ticket: € 2,- (don’t forget to stamp the ticket when entering a station/tram/bus)
  • Multi-trip tickets: € 8,- for 4 trips, € 16,- for 8 trips
  • Week ticket: valid from Monday, 00h00 to following Monday, 09h00. € 15,-
  • 8-day-ticket: valid for 8 not necessarily consecutive days (stamp for each day): € 33,80
  • “Vienna tickets”: valid for a given time from the time of stamping
    • € 6,70 for 24h
    • € 11,70  for 48h
    • € 14,50 for 72h

Tickets are available from the red ticket machines at every subway or train station, from tobacco/newspaper shops (“Trafik”), and from ticket offices at every major station.
Note: Due to construction works, there currently is no service on subway U1 between Schwedenplatz and Reumannplatz (i.e. the station next to the conference venue, Karlsplatz, is not served by U1, but only by U2 and U4, as well as various trams and buses)

Getting from the Airport into the City

All trains from Vienna Airport serve the downtown station Landstrasse /Wien Mitte (Vienna City Center).

  • Standard train (24 min): “S-Bahn” operated by Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB:
    € 4,- (2 single tickets ). Departs from airport at xx:18 and xx:48
  • Express train (16 min): “City Airport Train (CAT)”:
    € 10,-. Departs from airport at xx:05 and xx:35
  • Even more expensive (approx. 30 min): Taxi ca. € 40,-

The subway station which is closest to the conference venue is Karlsplatz.
Please use the exit Resselpark, then go straight through the small park and you hit the main entrance of the main building of Technical University of Vienna, the conference venue.

Radio Taxi Services

Call 01-60160, 01-31300, 01-40100 or 01-36100.

Name Badges

All participants are requested to wear their name badges at all times during the conference. Organizing committee members can be identified by the yellow name badges and student helpers by the green name badges.

QCMC Conference Office

If you have any needs or special requirements, please ask our conference secretary, Mrs. Evgeniya Ryshkova (
Telephone conference office: +43-1-58801-141 202 (During after hours you will reach a member of the organizing committee.)

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