Talks – Friday

9:00 Markus Oberthaler
Quantum Atom Optics – single and two mode squeezing with Bose Einstein condensates (FRI–1)

9:50 Tim Langen
Relaxation and Pre-thermalization in an Isolated Quantum System (FRI–2)

10:10 Yuji Hasegawa
Error-disturbance uncertainty relation studied in successive spin-measurements (FRI–3)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Dmitry Gavinsky
Quantum Money with Classical Verification (FRI–4)

11:30 Vadim Makarov
Laser damage of photodiodes helps the eavesdropper (FRI–5)

12:00 Charles Ci Wen Lim
Self-testing quantum cryptography (FRI–6)

12:20 Mark S. Tame
Experimental Characterization of the Quantum Statistics of Surface Plasmons in Metallic Stripe Waveguides (FRI–7)

12:40 Lunch Break

14:00 Philippe Grangier
Manipulating single atoms and single photons using cold Rydberg atoms (FRI–8)

14:30 Michel Brune
Stabilization of Fock states in a high Q cavity by quantum feedback (FRI–9)

15:00 Stephan Ritter
An Elementary Quantum Network of Single Atoms in Optical Cavities (FRI–10)

15:20 Tobias Donner
Exploring cavity-mediated long-range interactions in a quantum gas (FRI–11)

15:40 Coffee Break

16:10 Jörg Wrachtrup
Entangling distant electron spins (FRI–12)

16:40 Paola Cappellaro
Quantum information Transport in Mixed-State Networks (FRI–13)

17:00 Hannes Bernien
Quantum Networks with Spins in Diamond (FRI–14)

17:20 Nir Bar-Gill
Suppression of spin bath dynamics for improved coherence in solid-state systems (FRI–15)

18:30 Bus is going to the Heurigen (wine travern)

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