Talks – Thursday

09:00 Nicolas Gisin
Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Repeaters (THU–1)

09:50 Markus Rau
Quantum key distribution using electrically driven quantum-dot single photon sources on a free space link (THU–2)

10:10 Nelly Ng Huei Ying
First implementation of bit commitment in the Noisy-Storage Model (THU–3)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Masahide Sasaki
Novel quantum key distribution technologies in the Tokyo QKD Network (THU–4)

11:30 Vittorio Giovannetti
Quantifying the noise of a quantum channel by noise addition (THU–5)

12:00 Sander N. Dorenbos
Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors for quantum optics and quantum plasmonics (THU–6)

12:20 Thomas Gerrits
On-chip, photon-number-resolving, telecom-band detectors for scalable photonic information processing (THU–7)

12:40 Lunch Break

14:00 Wolfgang Tittel
Quantum repeaters using frequency-multiplexed quantum memories (THU–8)

14:30 Ian Walmsley
Entangbling – Quantum correlations in room-temperature diamond (THU–9)

15:00 Nuala Timoney
A long lived AFC quantum memory in a rare earth doped crystal (THU–10)

15:20 Kae Nemoto
Quantum Information Network based on NV Diamond Centers (THU–11)

15:40 Coffee Break

16:10 Akira Furusawa
Hybrid quantum information processing (THU–12)

16:40 Carlton M. Caves
Back to the future: QND, BAE, QNC, QMFS, and linear amplifier (THU–13)

17:10 Christopher Ferrie
Minimax quantum tomography: the ultimate bounds on accuracy (THU–14)

17:30 Matthew T. Rakher
Simultaneous Wavelength Translation and Amplitude Modulation of Single Photons from a Quantum Dot (THU–15)

18:00 Poster session 3, TU Main building Prechtl hall, 1st floor

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