Hot Topic Talks selected

The Program Committee selected from the applications the hot topic talks (15 min + 5 min discussion). All other accepted abstracts, are invited to present a poster, in one of the three poster sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening. All people are notified by a email about their kind of contribution to the conference. The hot topic talks will be given by:

Bar-Gill Nir Harvard University Suppression of spin bath dynamics for improved coherence in solid-state systems
Bernien Hannes TU Delft Quantum Networks with Spins in Diamond
Bowen Warwick University Of Queensland Enhancing mechanical squeezing via weak measurements and optimal estimation
Brukner Caslav University of Vienna Quantum correlations with indefinite causal order
Cappellaro Paola MIT, Cambridge Quantum Information Transport in Mixed-State Networks
Chen Zilong JILA, Boulder Superradiant Raman Laser with less than one Intracavity Photon
Deutsch Ivan University of New Mexico Quantum state tomography via continuous measurement and control
Donner Tobias ETH Zurich Exploring cavity-mediated long-range interactions in a quantum gas
Dorenbos Sander Kavli Inst. Of Nano-science, TU Delft Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors for quantum optics and quantum plasmonics
Ferrie Chris University Of Waterloo Minimax quantum tomography: the ultimate bounds on accuracy
Fickler Robert University of Vienna Entanglement of very high orbital angular momentum of photons
Garcia-Patron Raul MPQ, Munich The Holy Grail of Quantum Optical Communication
Gerrits Thomas NIST, Boulder On-chip; photon-number-resolving; telecom-band detectors for scalable photonic information processing
Gu Mile CQT – NUS, Singapore Occam’s Quantum Razor: How Quantum Mechanics can reduce the Complexity of Classical Models
Hasegawa Yuji Atominstitut, TU Vienna Error-disturbance uncertainty relation studied in successive spin-measurements
Kielpinski David Griffith University Quantum interface between an electrical circuit and a single atom
Kraus Barbara University of Innsbruck Compressed quantum simulation of the Ising model
Kwiat Paul University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign Efficient heralded sources for loophole-free tests of nonlocality and single-photon vision research
Laing Anthony University Of Bristol Observation of quantum interference as a function of Berry’s phase in a complex Hadamard optical network
Langen Tim VCQ / TU Vienna Relaxation Dynamics and Pre-Thermalization in an Isolated Quantum System
Lim Charles CiWen University of Geneva Self-testing quantum cryptography
Munro William NTT Basic Research Laboratory, Tokyo Coupling a superconducting flux qubit to an NV ensemble: A hybrid systematic approach for quantum media conversion
Nagaj Daniel Slovak Academy Of Sciences Quantum Speedup by Quantum Annealing
Nemoto Kae National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo Quantum Information Network based on NV Diamond Centers
Ng Nelly CQT, Singapore First implementation of bit commitment in the Noisy-Storage Model
Rakher Matthew Universität Basel Simultaneous Wavelength Translation and Amplitude Modulation of Single Photons from a Quantum Dot
Rau Markus LMU, Munich Quantum key distribution using electrically driven quantum-dot single photon sources on a free space link
Ritter Stephan MPQ, Munich An Elementary Quantum Network of Single Atoms in Optical Cavities
Rosenfeld Wenjamin LMU / MPQ, Munich Heralded entanglement between widely separated atoms
Tame Mark Imperial College London Experimental Characterization of the Quantum Statistics of Surface Plasmons in Metallic Stripe Waveguides
Timoney Nuala University Of Geneva A long lived AFC quantum memory in a rare earth doped crystal.
Treutlein Philipp University of Basel Hybrid atom-membrane optomechanics
Volz Jürgen VCQ / TU Vienna Observation of strong coupling of single atoms to a whispering-gallery-mode bottle microresonator
Wiseman Howard Griffith University, Nathan, Australia Are dynamical quantum jumps detector-dependent?
Yoshida Beni MIT, Cambridge Information storage capacity of discrete spin systems
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